We’re more than just a consultancy company. We’ve got goals, hopes, and dreams, just like you. We want to serve better solutions to centuries-old professions and do some good in the world while we’re at it—permanently.

We know our methodologies change lives. If that’s something that speaks to you—you belong here, too.

Our Story

Where did it all begin?

Mat and Rebecca’s story began in 1997 and after many years decided to start xplor4 in 2009. Some say never mix business with family, but we think things turned out pretty well.

What is xplor4’s mission?

Transform the user experience for all. We believe that the future of user experiences will drive positive social change and create a more inclusive……. By focusing on user experiences, we can have an even greater impact on how society engages with, delivers, and experiences the environment. 

What are we proud of?

We’re innovative, and update our product a lot, but it’s based on real research. We want to deliver a solution that actually helps our customers. Otherwise, what’s the point?

What matters to us

Giving Back

We’re committed to creating positive social change in the community. 

Creating Better Work Environments

We believe that a diverse and inclusive culture is a competitive advantage that benefits both our team and customers. 

Thriving as a Team

We live by six core values on how to thrive, have fun, and win as a team.

  • Our customer’s success always comes first. We earn the love and trust of our customers by helping them transform their businesses.
  • We think like founders and are constantly raising the bar.
  • We see problems as opportunities and seek solutions to positively move the needle.
  • We live with a learning mindset. Always striving to improve ourselves, through real-time actionable feedback, growth opportunity, and challenges.
  • We work as a team, communicate often with intent.
  • We stay grounded by regularly immersing ourselves in nature. Staying fit physically and mentally ensures we remain connected to our core values and our why.