xplor4 consultancy specialises in the delivery of project management, climate action initiatives, innovative lifestyle and sporting projects, as well as motivational speaking and workforce learning. Since its inception in 2009, xplor4 has completed a variety of local and international projects and we’re excited to learn how we can help you!

Project Management

Project management, user experience, system integration, and process implementation are what we do. We are committed to the use of innovation and inclusive methodologies. This critical combination ensures our projects have achievable deliverables that bring about positive change.

Innovation and Climate Action

We plan and implement the changes you need to achieve sustainable efficiencies, profit security, and brand value. We broker solar systems as well as a myriad of electric transport solutions (big and small) to help you save money & reduce your carbon footprint.

Lifestyle & Sporting Projects

We have a diverse range of services available for land and water sustainability solutions, including but not limited to, trails and aqua trails. Building benchmark results and outcomes for your enterprise whilst increasing brand awareness and eco-responsibility.

Motivational Speaking & Workforce learning

With the shift to virtual events and conferences, Rebecca provides the inspitational energy for your seminars, webinars, fireside chats, or any combination of the above. Workforce learning and addressing topics such as leadership, teamwork, motivation, innovation, company culture, and much more.

Positive Opportunities

xplor4’s external, independent perspective is effective in identifying areas within an organisation where positive change can bring about opportunities for growth.


We have a superb customer service history as well as a vast network of trusted & high-performing colleagues whom we draw upon to build the best teams for individual projects and elevate your project goals.

Our Clients

“On behalf of Sport and Recreation Queensland, I thank you for your time and involvement with Women Sport Queensland. Your presentation and contributions have been integral to the success of our seminars”. Stephan White. Regional Manager SRQ North Coast

“Thank you for your well-considered contribution and your involvement in Sport and Recreation Queensland Active Girls Seminars and sports locker room forums”. Ben Klassen Acting Director Program and Industry Development

“We engaged xplor4 to prepare a strategy and background brief on trail connectivity (potential) in relation to a tourism project we are working on within the Sunshine Coast. We appreciate the insights, contacts Mat brought to the group with his expert knowledge of all types of activities particularly of the Mountain Bike and associated recreational Trails industry”. Tony Riddle

Noosa’s Kitesurfing Code of Conduct

“Thanks again for your xplor4. You have added some real extra value to our events this season. You guys are amazing, going above and beyond! Looking forward to surfing with you soon legends”. Brett Dowker Super Surf Camps

“Thanks again”. Ant Moorhouse Co-Founder – CEO