Australia’s original innovators in modern gravity, wind, and human-powered watersports. We represent a network of the best professionals in the outdoors and associated enterprises. We’re dedicated to reconnecting people with nature and each other, xplor4 fun, xplor4 fitness, xplor4 outdoors, xplor4 life! And, our unparalleled legacy stands as a testament to what we deliver.

Mathew Colefax

Co-Founder – CEO

Mat Colefax is the pioneer of kitesurfing in Australia and has been a key part of the research and development, growth, and advancement of the sport since 1997. He is also an avid mountain biker and trails expert. Mat has worked with numerous projects is experienced in UX, stakeholder management, and has a strong background in negotiation and sales. He has an entrepreneurial attitude towards challenges and excellent communication skills. A board member of Zero Emissions Noosa he also volunteers at a variety of sporting-related events.

Rebecca Colefax

Co-Founder – GM

Rebecca Colefax has a (B.A.Sc.), Environmental Management, Marine Science, and GIS. She is the general manager for EarthTech – a global impact business, a creative business owner, and an On Deck Climate Tech fellow. She has extensive experience in project management, operations, systems, processes, content creation, and website management. She is also an Australian and World Champion kitesurfer, a recent inductee into the Sunshine Coast Sporting Hall of Fame, and her inspirational story is inextricably interlinked with the early development, growth, and advancement of the sport in Australia.